Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Best ways for men to dress up for the wedding season

Wedding season is no less than a period of festivities as it involves so many rituals, ceremonies as well as traditions that are celebrated with great pomp and show. In this fashion forward world the wedding season is mainly referred to as the best time to showcase your fancy Indie vibe. The men have a little less choices as compared to women when it comes to attires thus they have to struggle a bit more in order to don the best of outfits for every occasion. Sometimes the wedding season brings a bit of a hassle as you may have to attend more weddings thus here are two suggestions to tackle the wedding season like a pro:

Add elegance to your Occasional Wear
Firstly, give a nice look to your Indian wear guide for some slick styling ideas that you can try. It is always recommended to don a sharp suit jacket or classic tuxedo worn over a linen mens Kurta instead of mens tuxedo suits. You can pair them with evening loafers for a modern look that will surely retain the elegance of your traditional Indian wear.

Go for attires that are subtle and simple
You  can also keep it a bit simpler with the conventional attires available in the market with a little experimentation and donning them as they are available in the market. There are many options like normal party wear suits, sherwanis, tuxedos or even other Indo-western attires. If you are living in India, then your wardrobe must have a variety options of traditional wear. One can have mens jodhpuri suits, and even go for buying bandhgalas suits online.

It’s totally your choice what you want to do with your style in the wedding season. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Fashion guide for the Modern Indian Groom

In the past years, the Indian grooms mainly had just two choices regarding their wedding wardrobes, first one is boring and the second is the bling. However, now the story is different as todays grooms’ wardrobe is very much exciting as the bride. There are plenty of options for a groom  to don on their different occasions.
For the wedding always chose a traditional color palette of cream and gold for the wedding Sherwani, but really set yourself apart with clever detailing and a flattering fit. Don’t miss that elegant pocket square, complemented by a maroon embroidered stole and an uncut diamond necklace. If your bride starts blushing that it is an indicator, that this kind of look is a certified lady-killer.

For Shagun, Sangeet or any other rituals, one has to go Indie as these occasions are purely traditional. the Shagun ceremony is a full fledged Indian ceremony where you have to sit accordingly whereas a Sangeet ceremony is all about dancing. Thus, for both the occasions the outfit of the groom has to be comfortable and of course stylish too. We suggest you a nice linen Mens Kurta with pajama in a nice color combination on the Shagun ceremony and for Sangeet you can select from a wide range of indo-western dress for men.

For Cocktail, it totally depends on the theme of the function, but still you can choose from party wear waistcoat with a nice trouser, Jodhpuri Mens suit, Mens party wear suit or many more which may vary according to the theme.

For Engagement and Reception which are a bit formal so we suggest you try tuxedo suit for men at the reception and for engagement you can don something like party wear jackets or coats with matching or contrasting trousers.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

How to wear a white tux jacket right?

As the Oscars season is here, there will be a whole lot more male black tie action on the red carpets. While super-classic, peak lapel, black dinner suits aren’t going anywhere, there are always a few trends that creep into the most traditional dress code a man gets the change to wear. This season, it is being predicted that it will be white tux jackets.
Not to be confused with ‘white tie’ – a totally separate, uber-formal dress code that usually involves a tail coat and some sort of event with the Queen – a white tux jacket is an easy way to give an evening wear a crisp update. Originally used in the military (as a white mess jacket), this lighter color of tux jacket was originally intended for black tie events in the summer (or year-round in more temperate areas of the world). Perhaps the most famous adopter is James Bond – seen on Sean Connery in Goldfinger, Sean Conner in A View To A Kill and, most recently, Daniel Craig in Spectre.

If you want a master class in how to wear a white tux jacket then the key takeaway is that if you’re trying something new with the black tie, you should change one element and keep the rest as classic as possible; stick to the traditional black grosgrain trousers, patent lace-ups (with black socks) and a stud shirt – and for God’s sake make sure you wear a self-tied bow tie, not a long necktie. With the white jacket, one can totally give a new look to the mens tuxedo suits that will surely attract. 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Did you try these different types of Suits

We don't need a reason to party, we create one. The party animals consist of two groups of people. One of them is the women or rather the gorgeous women who have a variety of outfits to choose from and the other one is the less fortunate species, the handsome men who have very limited choice. I know men can get a little frustrated because of that and sometimes just want to go to the party in whatever they find easily. However, they should not forget that you can win a woman's heart just by looking attractive and i am sure you are not just attending a party to have some freaky cuisines or rather to spend some time with other single guys like you
Here is the list of the limited choice of outfits -
Men's Party Wear Suits - There many types of party wear suits available for men. There are three- piece suits which i personally recommend because it makes you look very charismatic and trust me, we women love it. Then, party wear suits which men can opt for are two piece suits which though gives you an office look but you can also wear it at a party if you are wearing the perfect colour like Dark blue and the all time favourite Black. If you want you can accessorize it with a bow tie, vintage cuff links or even collar tips if you'd like but remember don't use all the accessories all at once. It will give an impression that you are a pretentious person.
Men's Party Wear Dresses - If you want to turn all the heads around when you enter the party, wear the classic Tuxedo. Nothing can beat a Tuxedo. It's James Bond's style and there is not a single girl who doesn't love James Bond. You can also go for slim suits if you prefer, but remember you should perfect body shape to wear it. It won't aid your cause if you are too skinny or too fat.
Bandhgala suits - Bandhgalas are an adept twist to the traditional Tuxedos. And guess what? You can also style it with jeans if you are one of those people who don't like to wear trousers to a party (or who want to look cool). You can easily purchase Bandhgala Suits online. Not only you will get a lot of variety but also discounts and who won't save money at the same time look good. It's a win-win deal.

Jodhpuri Suits for Men - If you are going to a family function and you want a traditional look then, nothing can be more apt than wearing a jodhpuri men's suit. The traditional touch which it gives can't be given by any other outfit, unless, of course if you are planning to wear a sherwani. However, i would suggest that let the groom wear the sherwani and you should go for more subtle looking outfit which is men's jodhpuri suits.